Are you assessing your Identity & Access Management strategy? Considering a move to the cloud, but unsure how to deal with architecting and managing a hybrid infrastructure? Debating which vendors and technologies are the best fit for your organization? If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', it's time to call the experts...

Supercharge your planning with CoreBlox Advisory Services!

CoreBlox Advisory Services are built upon the knowledge we’ve gained from decades of experience working with organizations like yours to solve real world security challenges. Our analysis is vendor-agnostic and focused on developing the optimal solution to address your unique requirements. We consider all aspects of your operation including:

  • Current capacity and future growth projections
  • Staffing assignments and responsibilities for the employees and contractors who manage your security infrastructure
  • Security use cases for internal employees, contractors, partners, end customers, and any other unique relationships that exist
  • Provisioning needs
  • Data repositories (directories & databases)
  • Commercial security products and/or homegrown security solutions currently in use
  • Governance needs for present and future
  • Compliance requirements
  • Requirements for Cloud-based and On-Prem applications
  • Mobile application strategy
  • Pain points and challenges of both today and tomorrow

CoreBlox Advisory Services are a perfect fit for:

  • Periodic health checks
  • Preparing for major events such as mergers & acquisitions or compliance audits
  • Neutral vendor assessments

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