Eric B. on Integration


I have been working with the remote api's for some time now. A couple things I have noticed.

1. If you are doing any real work with it, use the partner API. It

isn't as "pretty" as the enterprise api, but it is far more flexible and

doesn't require the WSDL to be updated all the time.

2. There is no "push" capability in their API's. So you have to resort

to polling for changes. This works, but is not ideal. Rumor has it

that they will have some ability to push in the next release. I hope so.

3. It is a pretty powerful API. You can do a ton of things with it and

get at pretty much anything.

So, for the most part, I have been working in Java for talking to It is the most well documented of the api's so far and the one directly supported by