A Day At The Office

It's All In the Plan

Well today marks a momentous occasion. We got our first check today. There is something special about being able to go to the bank to deposit money that it either not your own money or a loan. I asked everyone to kiss the check. Is that strange?

On another note, we had a good day of planning. Things are progressing for our AppExchange submission. It's great to see everything falling into place. We decided to map out all of our action items. The amazing thing is that we can actually read the board. It�s been hard to balance the work between the product development and consulting. The team is definitely all working hard to keep things on track. Did I mention that we got our first check?

I posted up some pictures of us working around the table. Unfortunately, Dave is not in any of these pics. We sent him off to Japan to do some training.

It's All In the Plan Must Code Computers Easy Button

Chad Eric and Todd Eric at the Computer Eric and Chad