All right ramblers, let's get rambling!

All right ramblers, let's get rambling!

Things have busy here at CoreBlox. We have been busy becoming part of AppExchange. Well, I am thrilled to say that we are now officially listed:

See Our AppExchange Listing

Now, we have moved on to the certification of CoreBlox for AppExchange. We should hopefully be fully certified in the next week.

We have also become very busy defining the support strategy and architecture for a very big software company. It�s very big. It feels good to be recognized as understanding the support industry.

On that note:

Why the world needs Channel Services Management

In speaking with analysts, investors, customers, etc. it has become clear to me that Channel Services Management may be a hard concept to understand. Why is this type of application important? What value does it bring? Will my partners use such a system? So, I wanted to post something that gives my view into what Channel Services Management truly means, why it�s important, and why we love delivering our unique application for Empowering Channel Services Management.

Simply, Channel Services Management:

  1. Automates your support channel increasing agent, partner and customer efficiency
  2. Ensures consistent support services quality across your channel
  3. Enables visibility into activity and customer deployment status across your entire channel

Let�s look at each of these items in a little more detail:

Support Channel Automation

Imagine if all your partners worked in a common application that provided them with the tools needed to support your products and services. Tools like fully delegated support portals that allow your partners to support their customers (your sub-customers) through a partner driven complete call center, unified case management and automated issues escalation, a common and global knowledgebase, channel-wide user communities, and strong system integration all work together to empower your channel partners to reduce support volumes and increase efficiency. The bottom line- more time to sell!

Consistent Support Services and Quality

Customer service and satisfaction play a crucial role in the success of a company�s ability to resell and up-sell customers, build an array of �referenceable� customers, and gain competitive differentiation from their competitors. Imagine that all of your partners used the same tools. Imagine that they worked tightly and in conjunction with your internal support organization. Channel Services Management ensures that as your channel grows, from the first day a new partner has access to the same information that made your first partner successful. Would that provide value? You bet! Empower your channel partners to leverage the knowledge and tools that make them successful in selling and supporting your products and services.

Visibility Across the Support Channel

Channel-wide visibility ensures that you have the information available to make fully informed decisions. See the issues that customers have in common, find and track common improvement requests, even see the search requests that users are asking across your entire channel, allowing you improve quality and reduce costs. This information allows you to better shape product direction, focus on improvement areas, and to develop improved documentation, knowledgebase content, and training reducing support costs and improving efficiency. This is empowerment not only for your channel partners, but also for you and your own internal corporate decisions. Build savings and scalability into your channel!

Is this making the �why we do what we do� clearer? How about the �what it is that we do�? Here is the lowdown.

CoreBlox is a(n):

  • Internet-accessible on-demand �Software-as-a-Service� (SaaS)
  • Open source-based platform
  • Unique Channel Services Management application
  • Complete support solution with advanced eService
  • Global knowledgebase with organically grown content
  • Tightly integrated application allowing you to continue to leverage your existing system and information without the need to change tools or migrate data

We love this space. CoreBlox for AppExchange was designed from its core to address the challenges of managing support services across your channel partners. From a global knowledgebase that organically grows as support issues across the entire channel are resolved to role and entitlement-driven access rights to our IVR integration, our application uniquely provides the complete set of tools needed for Empowering Channel Services Management. Give it a test drive. We�re here to help.

Thanks for the time.

- Todd