Benefits of the Hosted Model

In an article in Business Week this week entitled "Software-as-a-Service Myths", a consultant describes the most common myths around SaaS and explains why it's here to stay. Here is the list:

  • Myth #1: SaaS is still relatively new and untested
  • Myth #2: SaaS is just another version of the failed application service provider, or ASP, and hosting models of the past, and will suffer the same fate as its predecessors
  • Myth #3: SaaS only relieves companies of the up-front costs of traditional software licenses
  • Myth #4: SaaS is only for small- and midsize businesses and will not be accepted by large-scale organizations
  • Myth #5: SaaS only applies to applications such as customer relationship management and salesforce automation
  • Myth #6: SaaS will only have a minor impact on the software industry and will fade over time
  • Myth #7: It will be easy for the established software vendors to offer SaaS and dominate this market
  • Myth #8: SaaS is only for corporate users

Here at CoreBlox, we obviously believe in the SaaS model. Here is a list of the biggest benefits of the on-demand model to CoreBlox customers:

  1. Anytime, anywhere - Users only need a web browser and internet connection to access CoreBlox from anywhere in the world
  2. Cost - It is extremely affordable and you know exactly how much the application is costing you (every month!). It's also a less risky investment since you are not paying for the cost all up-front.
  3. Easy set-up - You are up and running with CoreBlox in a matter of minutes or days, not months
  4. No installation costs - Your monthly subscription cost covers everything
  5. Reduced overhead - no servers to maintain and upgrade, thus reducing your IT costs
  6. Always on latest version - since CoreBlox manages the upgrades, you will always be running the latest and greatest version of the software
  7. Security - sensitive data is encrypted and all data is backed up on a regular basis
  8. High availability - the CoreBlox application is hosted at a start-of-the-art facility, using a highly redundant architecture, and monitored by staff 24/7

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