CoreBlox as an E-Service Portal Solution

A recent ComputerWorld article ("Full Service") discusses how e-Service tools can help companies deliver quality service to their customers. From the article:

"According to a 2005 survey from Wellesley, Mass.-based Service Excellence Research Group LLC (ServiceXRG), 60% of high-tech customers attempt to solve their own problems through self-service knowledge bases before trying interactive channels."

The article goes on to explain that a quality e-service deployment takes considerable investments in time and money. This is where companies like CoreBlox come into play. You, as a CoreBlox customer, get a full e-service portal in a matter of minutes or days, not months. The need to purchase and maintain expensive infrastructure goes away. All you pay for is the monthly CoreBlox subscription. And with that you get features such as a knowledgebase, case/ticket management, search engine, discussion forums, document/downloads management, etc. The system serves as the support hub for both customers (accessing the system externally), and for internal support agents who are working on the cases. I'll dig into these specific feature areas in future blog posts.

One of my goals here is to point out that yes, we are focused on delivering a solution for Channel Services Management, but for companies that just need a fully-featured customer support portal without the channel partners functionality, CoreBlox can also provide that, at a low monthly per-agent-seat rate. I've noticed that a large percentage of the companies I run into (many of them small startups) do not have a support portal for their customers and support staff. I think the misconception at times is that they are too small and cannot afford the investment at this time. But, the SaaS model used by CoreBlox, makes our solution very affordable to companies like these.

By the way, congrats to our team for getting published on's AppExchange!

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