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Services. Services. Services.

Forget about location, for the channel, the key to profitability is services, and while there are tens of billions of dollars available annually for support services, building and maintaining a services business can be challenging.

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Making services pay

While services are essential to the channel, half of North America's $40 billion hardware and software maintenance contracts don't get renewed annually; fortunately there is growing interest and options for addressing this opportunity.

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Optimizing IT support

It's one thing to preach the necessity of a services-oriented business; it's another to actually build it. CoreBlox offers a way to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales via an automated and integrated toolset.

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Cashing in after the sale

Targeting the under-served post-sales support market, CoreBlox is pushing its software-as-a-service solution via to enable its channel to increase sales, reduce support costs, and streamline the support escalation process.

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CoreBlox' three buckets

The developer of a set of tools for channel services management leverages CRM solutions to address the post-sales service market, providing a unique set of capabilities offering visibility, efficiency and interaction, as well as quality.

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