The anatomy of a company

DeterminationAs I break down the many accomplishments CoreBlox has had over the past 2+ years, one thing resonates with me on why we have been successful: focused determination. We sat down with an initial concept of the solution we wanted to provide and over time the company has broadened its reach, growing with us as we have grown. I wanted to look at our progress and the fact that we are on the brink of another revolution and try to dissect what it took to get to this point. To give you a sense of what's going on:

  • We are releasing a freely available, completely hosted version of CoreBlox' support application
  • The company has officially launched several services offerings around customer support and security services and has signed up major clients in the process
  • We have started over 6 new skunkworks concepts

So what does that have to do with focused determination? Looking at the team, the thing I noticed is that we are all driven to do what is needed to make this company successful. That firmness of purpose thrusts us forward and keeps us energized. At the same time, as a small company it's hard to do all of the things we would like to accomplish. So, it's critical to concentrate on what it is that we are trying to accomplish as a company, those clear goals that focus our efforts. Why has that helped us? Let's break down those goals:

  1. Deliver web-based solutions that allow our customers to better interact and provide services to their customers and partners
  2. Provide leading services for customers in the technical support and identity and access management arenas
  3. Innovate in everything we do
  4. Customer satisfaction is key

None of this is new. However, it is a challenge for us every day to make sure that we stay focused on these goals and how they impact our efforts; stay determined to continue to exceed expectations and break through any challenges that stand in our way. How is any of this a revolution? Once we looked at the goals we set out for ourselves and the CoreBlox' solution, we wanted to find a way to take what we had built and make it more accessible. We needed to change our perspective on what we had done and make a radical change in direction. The revolution came when we saw that we could better serve our customers and meet our goals with the first completely free full-featured support application for both customers and partners. This is no ordinary change, no standard application. This is something that companies can use for free that they would normally pay $100's or $1000's per month in per user charges. Features like:

  • A complete support portal for you, your customers and your partners
  • Online web-based ticket management
  • Powerful web-based features for search, navigation, knowledge management
  • The ability to completely leverage all CoreBlox functionality while building your own corporate identity, including reseller branded sites for customer support
  • Support of the full life cycle of indirect customers
  • Hosted documentation and product downloads
  • Ability to manage permissions across content and delegate out user management
  • Value added plug-ins for integration and other integrated solutions

Those two words, focused determination, sum this up for me. We hope you enjoy this new release and it helps make you more successful. We are here to continue to take your feedback and enhance the solution, to look at where the industry is going, and find new ways to continue to innovate and bring solutions to you (like channel services management) that no one out there has yet thought about. Please head on over and check it out.

Look for some new exciting announcements around the corner.