Countdown to TechCrunch 11 Meetup in Boston

It's an exciting week here at CoreBlox as we prepare for this Friday's TechCrunch Meetup event in Boston (the first ever Boston-based TechCrunch event!). You know that feeling of anticipation you get when you're about to attend a concert or a sporting event where you'll get to see your favorite artists performing LIVE and in person? For us Web 2.0 technology geeks, that's the feeling of we have for this event. Since the day we discovered TechCrunch we've looked to them on a daily basis for the latest news about innovative web apps. Now as an event sponsor, we'll have the opportunity to meet some of the folks whose news and opinions we rely on to shape our own technology direction.

The timing of this event couldn't be better because it coincides with the release of the two new Facebook apps that recently graduated from CoreBlox Labs: Locate Friends & I Have Kids.

Locate Friends allows you to find people who share similar interests and locate them on a map. You can restrict your view to your friends only, or view all the people who use the app. Here's a quick screenshot of what it looks like:

Locate Friends by CoreBlox

I Have Kids allows you to keep your Facebook friends & family up to date on what's going on in your kids' lives. You can let people know what your child is doing right at this moment (just like the Facebook user status setting), write a quick blog entry about something funny that happened at dinner, track your child's growth/development milestones, etc. Here's a screenshot from I Have Kids:

I Have Kids by CoreBlox

And of course, you can still sign up for a FREE full-featured customer support portal with our CoreBlox Free edition.

As always, we're very interested to hear feedback from users about any problems you encounter with the apps, and any requested enhancements that would improve your experience with them. We're working very hard to think of ways to expand these apps and create even more apps that allow people to interact more effectively in business or their personal lives.

I'd love to close this entry with instructions on how to get tickets to Friday's event, but it's currently sold out and every time they release more tickets they seem to get snapped up immediately (maybe I was on to something with my concert/sporting event analogy at the beginning of the post!). If you're fortunate enough to have a ticket, please stop by our booth to introduce yourself and see our applications in action. Todd Clayton, Dave Saraiva, & Luiza Aguiar will be attending on behalf of the CoreBlox team.


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