Every Penny Counts

Today is an historic day in the life of the company, as we've embarked on a brand new initiative that we hope will have a positive impact on the world around us. This morning we launched the CoreBlox Penny Campaign within our I Have Kids Facebook application. Here's a quick look at the changes that were made to I Have Kids:

1. CoreBlox will donate one penny to a children's charity when a user installs I Have Kids:

I Have Kids - New Penny Campaign Option for App Add - 450

2. CoreBlox will donate one penny to a children's charity when a user registers a new child:

I Have Kids - New Penny Campaign Option for Child Adds - 450px

3. CoreBlox will donate a penny to a children's charity when a user invites a friend who installs I Have Kids:

I Have Kids - New Penny Campaign Option for Invites - 450px

4. Users can monitor the charitable donations they've prompted on their I Have Kids settings page:

I Have Kids - New Settings for Penny Campaign - 450px

The Penny Campaign was something that everyone in the company contributed to launching, and we feel very strongly that it's important for us to give something back to thank the many users who have supported us. But this is only the beginning...

As we began researching this Penny Campaign and contacting charities to gauge their levels of interest in it, the common feedback we heard is that no one has quite figured out how to fit Facebook into their awareness campaigns. Charities know the audience is huge and people are willing to evangelize the causes that are important to them, but unfortunately this doesn't often translate into the monetary contributions they need to do their work.

Consider our concept as-is: you sign up for I Have Kids on Facebook, use it and invite others who end up installing it, and we'll donate money to a selected kids' charity on your behalf. The more users we add and the more they use our app, the more we give. We've capped our potential donation total at $50,000 for 2008, and we'd love nothing better than to reach that goal.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Easy to participate for free, and there's a lot of good that could be done with $50,000. But consider the potential social impact if the Penny Campaign were to grow beyond just I Have Kids. Facebook is a network of over 62 million people spanning the globe, and that number is growing daily at an incredible rate. Currently there are almost 15,000 applications built on the Facebook platform, some with millions of active users. What if we were able to enlist the help of other developers to put a similar charitable incentive into their Facebook applications? How much money could be raised, and how many lives could be touched? The opportunities to do good are truly limitless.

We're confident that utilizing the collective strength of the Facebook user base begins with the development community, and that's why we're encouraging other developers to join the CoreBlox Penny Campaign by adding charitable components to their own applications. We've established a Facebook group where we'll report back on the the success of our campaign, and we'd love to hear from any developers who want to join us in this effort. Feel free to e-mail us at info@coreblox.com to discuss how you can help. And remember, every penny counts!