Maybe there's hope for the publishing industry after all!

I've been really annoyed with my newspaper delivery guy lately. You see, our previous delivery guy used to have our papers in the driveway each morning by 6am at the very latest, and would normally deliver between 5-5:30am. Since I normally wake up with my daughters, I appreciated having the papers there to read with my morning coffee (or at least glance at as I'm making breakfast for them and wiping spilled orange juice off the floor). When I heard we were getting a new delivery person, I assumed the early deliver trend would continue. I was wrong- the new guy is fortunate to have the papers here by 7am, and has delivered past 8am at least twice!

When I vented to my friends about the late delivery time, the most common response I received was "you still read the newspaper?". They couldn't imagine paying a subscription and delivery fee for something that was freely available online. Personally, I enjoy having a physical newspaper in my hands as opposed to sitting at the breakfast table with a laptop nearby, and I can't ever imagine this changing. I was feeling like a dinosaur until I read this article:

New Study: Kids Age 5-17 Believe Technology Will Supplement -- Not Replace -- Book Reading and Say They Will Always Want to Read Books Printed on Paper

I know the print media has its own unique issues to deal with while competing against all the "instant news" sources out there on the web, but at least it appears printed books will be here to stay. This way I won't ever have to worry about dropping my Kindle in the sand at the beach.