Matt Flynn on CoreBlox

I've been following Matt Flynn's Identity Management Blog for the past few months, and I've enjoyed reading his views on the many questions and issues that surround the IAM space. The security community tends to be a very small world, but that doesn't stop people from mixing it up now and then. Nonetheless I get the sense most of these folks could spend an entire afternoon in a spirited debate, then have no problem sharing dinner and drinks afterward.

In today's entry, Matt makes mention of the value CoreBlox can bring with our managed identity services offerings. He's also kind enough to give us kudos for our approach:

"One of the things I like about this is that CoreBlox isn't trying to provide a support professional for any identity system. They're focused on the technologies that they know."

Granted there are many principles of IAM that would apply to any product suite, and we've shown we can be versatile enough to gain expertise in other areas such as federation and directory virtualization. But no one at CoreBlox will deny that SiteMinder is our bread & butter, and will continue to be a main area of focus for us on the services side of the business.