Back from our Colorado Offsite

Estes Park Offsite 08Well, we are back from our offsite to Colorado.  It was a great trip and an important adventure for the company.  Overall, we could not have asked for a better time.

We landed in Denver on Wednesday and headed to Estes Park after having a quick bite and picking up our baggage and rental car.  The car was a mini van, but it wound up being OK.  We just left it a little further away when parking and pretended to be in a different vehicle.  Wednesday night we went to dinner at the Rock Inn Mountain Tavern.  It was a nice meal and we had fairly good service.  The place is definitely a hangout spot for the locals which is always a good sign about the quality of a place.  We also walked around Estes Park to explore a little and went grocery shopping for our daily meals.  For some reason everyone seemed very perturbed by my desire to walk down each aisle to get ideas for what we needed.  Overall, we got a good selection of stuff and then headed back to the house.

Thursday morning we went for a ride with Sombrero Ranch.  It was a nice ride up into the hills behind the ranch.  We saw some great views of the mountains and some of us could make out what was called Beaver Rock.  To me it just looked like a rock, though.  After the ride we headed into Estes Park for lunch and had great burgers at Penelope's.  Afterwards we headed back to the house to talk about company planning and next steps.  We went to dinner at Mary's Lake Lodge which was very nice.  The dinner was excellent.  That evening we had a nice campfire while smoking cigars.  Next time we have to remember the marshmallows.

Friday morning we had a little bit of a later start.  After spending the morning continuing our company conversations, we headed out to Boulder to explore the town and have dinner.  The walk around Boulder was nice and we were able to do some good shopping damage.  We met up for dinner at Sunflower restaurant.  The dinner and service was excellent.  Afterwards we met up with several friends and then headed back to Estes Park for our ping pong tournament.

Hike in Rocky Mountain National ParkSaturday we headed into the park for a nice hike up to Emerald Lake.  We saw quite a few great scenes which were breathless not only for their beauty, but also for the lack of oxygen for us non-mountain folk.  After the hike we had a nice picnic at Hollowell Park.  We headed back to the house for some rest and then out to Estes Park for a walk around town to pick up stuff for our BBQ and one last walk around town.  That evening we had a nice BBQ and then after more ping pong relaxed in the hot tub.

Sunday morning, we headed back to the airport and back home.  Overall it was a great trip.  It was perfect timing for a company excursion and was definitely filled with excitement.  We could really call this the trip of firsts.  It was the first CoreBlox offsite, first time for many to Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park, the first time for some on horseback and even the first time one person ate duck.  I already can't wait for the 2009 offsite.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to have this adventure.