'I Have Kids' Changes


Last Friday we released a new version of our 'I Have Kids' Facebook application.  This release included the following changes:


  • New Feature:  Narrow Profile Box Support
    • Users now have the option of moving their 'I Have Kids' information from the Boxes tab on their (parent) profile to Facebook's narrow profile box (in left hand column)


  • New Feature: Wall Feed Story
    • After a user comments on a child's wall, a newsfeed story will be posted to that user's profile


  • Enhancement:  We now default the Parent1 field to the currently logged in Facebook user.  This will prevent user's from accidently creating a child profile that they do not get access to.


  • Fixed: Some users were seeing errors at the bottom of their FriendsKids page.  This has been resolved.
  • Fixed: Emoticon feed story text
    • We have improved the text and grammar of some of the emoticon news feed stories that are generated when a parent update's their child's emoticon
  • Fixed:  After creating a new child profile, users will no longer see a feed story on their Facebook profile saying that today is the child's birthday (unless it actually is).