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I wanted to take the time to share some good news about We created this community in the hope of providing a place for folks who work in the Identity & Access Management space to find answers to tough questions, learn about upcoming events in the IAM world, provide important information from the field regarding problems they've encountered and how they've been solved, and just get to know each other in an online social setting. Our past experience troubleshooting enterprise security problems through the web (Google searches, forum posts, etc.) taught us that there really wasn't a centralized place to find this type of information, and our goal is to have fill that role. Anyway, on to the good news:

  1. We've added 5 new members over the past couple of weeks. Granted this is not a huge number, but it shows that people we don't know are beginning to find it. Facebook was not built in a day, and neither will be.
  2. We're beginning to see people post questions in the Forum, and the CoreBlox team has been doing its best to answer them. Later on we hope the broader community will begin to respond as well, but for now this appears to be headed in the right direction.

I recently read a post about Social Media Tools that drew an interesting comment from my Twitter friend Jim Storer. Unfortunately I can't directly link the comment, but it's the 6th one down in the comments section of the post. Jim writes:

That's what "shared meaning" means to me. The tool builder or community organizer can present an opportunity for people to use their tool/community, but ultimately it's up to the members to determine what it means to them. And this meaning can swing wildly over the course of time, depending on who's using it and what's important to them.

This happens to be a perfect description of the approach we're trying to take with We've provided the venue, and now we're looking to the members to decide how it will ultimately be used. We're excited about the potential, and it will be interesting to see where this thing goes from here!

If you work in the enterprise security space, please take a moment to join! We'd love to meet you.


p.s. If you're interested in social media, you should definitely check out Jim's blog. I've learned a lot from keeping tabs on him, and it doesn't hurt that we share a common love for the local baseball club.