Upcoming Radiant Logic Webinar

Next Tuesday our friends at Radiant Logic will be teaming up with Forrester for a webinar called Identity Service Virtualization: A Key Trend in IdM. Radiant Logic's Marketing guru Alex Rock has been busy publicizing the event, and as of early this week it had already attracted some solid interest: Alex's Webinar Tweet

Here's a brief description of the webinar's focus:

Managing disparate populations and their entitlements across different data silos remains the #1 challenge in identity management. This need to build "multi-tenant services" is on the rise, and enterprises need a way to quickly and easily create and maintain the identities of those communities.

The key to solving this integration challenge is identity virtualization. Acting as an abstraction layer between applications and the underlying identity silos, virtualization enables applications to be isolated from the complexity of the back-ends.

Virtualization has been successfully deployed across all layers of the IT "stack, particularly in the area of directory virtualization. More recently, directory virtualization has seen a fast evolution toward the support of a "Virtual Identity Service". The result is a powerful shift in the way enterprises leverage their existing IdM investments and achieve "more with less".

Every day in the field and on prospect calls, the CoreBlox team is encountering companies that would realize immediate and substantial benefits from implementing identity virtualization. To put it quite simply, this technology consistently passes the "Duh!" test. When a prospect or an existing consulting client describes their struggles with disparate data stores and hears about what Radiant Logic can do for them, their response is "Duh! Of course that would help us!".

So please join me on the webinar next Tuesday February 3, 2009 at 11am ET.  Once you've registered, SSOhelp.com community members can also let us know you'll be attending.