New IHaveKids Feature - Create a mug

Today we launched a new feature in our 'I Have Kids' Facebook app.  Users will now have the ability to order mugs containing their child (or friend's child) profile photo, or a mug containing the photo and the child's current status message. On the My Kids page, you will three ways to create a custom mug.  Next to the child's status message, you will now see a small red mug icon.

Clicking on this will allow you to order a mug containing the child's current status message and profile photo.

In the bottom left corner of the child's profile, there is a link allowing you to order a mug containing just the child's profile photo ("Order a 'Bobby' Mug").    There is also a link allowing you to order a generic mug using any photo you have stored in Facebook album ("create your own mug").

On the Friends Kids page, you will also have the ability to order either of types of mugs mentioned above (profile photo, or profile photo and status message).

We will be experimenting with adding the ability to order other custom products in the future.  As usual, please send us your feedback.