Digital ID World 2009 - Next Week!

DigitalIDWorld It's time for Digital ID World once again.  Todd was invited to be a panelist at one of the expert roundtables.  The topic has to do with Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems, which was announced back in April of this year:

The Impact of Oracle/Sun Acquisition on IdM and the Directory and Virtual Directory Market– Expert Round Table

Moderator: Dieter Schuller
Panelists: Todd Clayton from CoreBlox, David Rusting from Unisys
Invited panelist: Ash Motiwala from  Identropy

The April 20th announcement that Oracle is acquiring Sun Microsystems sent huge shockwaves through the IT marketplace. In particular, both Sun and Oracle directory customers are concerned about their investments in what is considered a mission critical component of their infrastructure and are eager to learn what the impact on their infrastructure may be. In this session a group of industry experts will discuss possible solutions to this dilemma and how directory virtualization may be the key to creating a vendor agnostic infrastructure.

The roundtable event goes from 3:45PM to 4:15PM on Monday.  If you happen to be at Digital ID World, pop in and see what Todd has to say!

You can also follow the event on Twitter: