RSA Conference 2010 (a.k.a. Information Security Heaven)

If you're in the market for a security conference over the next couple of months, look no further than the big one that's happening in San Francisco! On March 1-5 the granddaddy of all enterprise security conferences will be taking place at the Moscone Center when RSA Conference comes to town. Todd & I had the chance to visit the Moscone Center a few years back for's DreamForce event, and it was a gorgeous venue. The speaker list for this year's event looks impressive: -- Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President for Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft Corp.

-- Art Coviello, Executive Vice President of EMC Corp. and President of RSA, The Security Division of EMC

-- Enrique Salem, President and CEO, Symantec Corp.

-- Dave Hansen, Corporate Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security Business Unit, CA Inc.

-- Al Zollar, General Manager, IBM Tivoli Software

-- David DeWalt, President and CEO, McAfee Inc.

-- Phil Dunkelberger, President and CEO, PGP Corp.

-- Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO, Qualys Inc.

-- Herbert (Hugh) Thompson, Ph.D., Chief Security Strategist, People Security and Program Committee Chair, RSA Conference 2010

-- James Bidzos, Executive Chairman, VeriSign Inc.

How's that for a list of heavy hitters? :-)

The CoreBlox team is excited to follow the conference and hear what the future holds for some of the key technologies we service such as SiteMinder, Radiant Logic VDS, and CA Identity Manager. These gatherings are a great way to break free of the day-to-day and engage with your peers in a social setting. For more information, check out the RSA Conference 2010 registration form.

Photo courtesy of adactio on Flickr.