SiteMinder Experts List

2310866391_eef389df61_mOver the past year we've seen a definite rise in the number of SiteMinder conversations on social networks. Whether it's job opportunitiestechnical issues, or SiteMinder tips, the social universe is talking about the enterprise security application we've all come to know and love (always love, right? ;-) ). One thing we've noticed that the SiteMinder community can do a better job of is helping people to understand where to look for help with their SiteMinder needs. On the Twitter side, we've created a list of SiteMinder professionals who frequent that network. These are folks we've interacted with or accounts that tend to generate interesting links related to SSO and enterprise security.

Of course, you can also sign up and participate in our SSOhelp community.

By the way, good news for those of you who are interested in Radiant Logic VDS: there's a list for you too! Follow our list of Radiant Logic professionals.

We'll continue to grow both lists over time, and if you feel you should be added then feel free to drop us a line @coreblox.