Managing Cloud Applications - Upcoming Webinar

3131005845_96c65d68e2Next Thursday, March 25th at 11am EDT (UTC/GMT-5), be sure to tune in as our own Todd Clayton joins Mike Donaldson of Ping Identity & Dieter Schuller of Radiant Logic for a webinar that will focus on strategies for making your Cloud deployment successful. The webinar will focus on practical approaches for streamlining user provisioning, password management, and user management. You'll also learn about strategies for establishing a centralized identity hub across all of your Cloud-based applications. Cloud computing offers virtually limitless business opportunities and continues to grow at a rapid pace. In the U.S. government sector alone, Market Research Media anticipates Cloud demand to grow at an annual rate of 40% per year between 2010-2015, with expenditures exceeding $7 billion annually at the end of that cycle. But as Gartner warns, "cloud computing is fraught with security risks" which must be avoided or mitigated by organizations that choose to take this approach. This webinar will provide advice from seasoned industry veterans as you begin your planning.

Please register here: We look forward to having you join us next Thursday!