Gartner on IT Security Spending

zoltarYesterday this blog declared that the focus is back on security. Was I overly optimistic? Based on the results of the latest Gartner study, maybe:

Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner Inc. will announce Thursday that during the next 12 months, it expects that enterprises will spend approximately 5% of their total IT budgets on information security technology. While that percentage is down slightly from 6% last year, Gartner forecasts that overall IT budgets will increase by nearly 2%, meaning security spending will largely hold its ground.

But as we all know, security is a broad term that is used to cover everything from virus scanning software to virtual directories. A closer look at Gartner's findings reveals the type of news I like to see:

Identity management was ranked as the No. 1 security technology priority among respondents in Gartner's 2010 CIO Survey, with more than 20% listing it as a spending priority. [Gartner Managing Vice President Vic] Wheatman said the interest in identity management is tied to several trends: increased focus on the integration of self-service applications, both internally and to trusted external partners; the need to ensure strong authentication for systems that provide sensitive data; and the necessity of passing compliance audits.

It's interesting to note how these broader trends directly correlate to some of the projects we're working on at CoreBlox. Over the past year we've implemented a password management process for a company looking to increase its focus on self-help, enabled federation for companies with trusted partner relationships, and given companies easier ways to audit their accounts for compliance. In the process we've continued to develop and refine best practices for system deployments around these areas. What began 5 years ago as a SiteMinder focused services practice has greatly expanded, and we welcome the new challenges ahead!