Facebook - Your Identity Neighborhood Watch

NW-LogoA couple of years ago Facebook released Facebook Connect. According to them:

"Facebook Connect is the next iteration of Facebook Platform that allows users to "connect" their Facebook identity, friends and privacy to any site. This will now enable third party websites to implement and offer even more features of Facebook Platform off of Facebook – similar to features available to third party applications today on Facebook."

While it provides an easy way to extend your login to other sites, it also, perhaps, has another hidden advantage.  Presence has become more prevalent across Facebook. While that may help your employer know you online at work, it also lets your friends know that you are around.  When I'm talking about presence information, I mean the following quoted from Wikipedia:

"presence information is a status indicator that conveys ability and willingness of a potential communication partner—for example a user--to communicate."

Since you need to log in to Facebook to access these sites, you in essence tell your friends that your online.  So, your friend list becomes a neighborhood watch for your identity.  Perhaps they see you online when they know you are out of town or maybe it is other odd behavior that seems out of place.  It's behavioral security at its finest.  There is also the built-in alerting mechanism of the multiple text messages to check your account and reset your password from all those friends looking out for your best interests.

I suppose there is also an advantage in that you control a site's access to your information.  At least somewhat... and I guess if you trust your identity to Facebook. I was not too fond of Facebook Connect initially. Maybe I should give it another shot...

What do you think?