Webinar: Extend Your SiteMinder Portal for Less Time, Hassle, and Money

CoreBlox and Radiant Logic recently teamed up for a webinar to explore how you can stop spending so much time and energy managing your SiteMinder portal. Business doesn't stand still-and your portal's evolution is stalled by the increasing complexity of today's identity infrastructures, and the mounting costs of making changes. For SiteMinder to work its magic at the security layer, it needs one logical access point to a coherent and comprehensive identity system. The webinar explored how a federated identity service based on virtualization allows enterprises to leverage identity stores and unify profiles across security domains to support federation, extend SSO, and enrich authorization policies. Radiant Logic's Elle Griffin discussed how virtualization enables your portal to grow along with your business, and Coreblox President Todd Clayton offered insights based on real-life customer deployments.

You can view the following videos to gain an in depth understanding of this flexible approach for architecting your identity infrastructure:

Part 1 (17 minutes and 8 seconds): Extend SSO and Federation for Your SiteMinder Portal

Part 2 (40 minutes and 16 seconds): Extending SiteMinder with Federated Identities