CoreBlox CA SiteMinder ToolBox

OverviewCA SiteMinder® plays a critical role as the guardian and decision maker for application access.  But SiteMinder is a “living” solution which is being constantly updated to reflect the changing policies, applications and personnel.  How can you be certain that your deployment remains lean and stable? Tools are required to help to simplify some of the day-to-day activities for maintaining SiteMinder across all of your environments.

toolsThe CoreBlox CA SiteMinder Toolbox (ToolBox) is loaded with tools designed to automate some of the manual tasks required to effectively maintain and optimize a SiteMinder implementation.

Current tools include:

  • Migration topologies for moving policies across tiers
  • Policy snapshots (versioning)

Additional features in the coming releases will include:

  • SiteMinder optimization checking and reporting
  • Policy “diff” checking
  • Template-based, automated policy creation
  • Ability to duplicate realms and domains

These tools minimize the time taken to perform daily tasks and ensure consistency in the creation of policy configurations. Maintenance and deployment routines that are overly manual are prone to human error and can introduce security concerns.

Policy Migration The Policy Migration Tool enables seamless migration of policies across policy server environments. Migration topologies allow you to map CA SiteMinder policies across tiers, transform configuration values and version the policies so that changes can be rolled back if required. This ensures that there is consistent policy data across environments and simplifies the introduction of new policies and policy server tiers.



Snapshot Manager The Snapshot Manager allows you to take policy definition snapshots of defined environments or rollback an environment to a previous snapshot. Snapshots are a view of all of the policies at a period of time. So, rolling back to a specific snapshot changes the settings back to the values at that point in time.



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