Stuck Installer Woes!!!

Installation woes….So have you ever been trying to install a CA product via the installer program only to watch it just sit there and hang to eternity, wondering what on earth is the installer doing? Well wonder no longer. CA products utilize the Install Anywhere application installer and because of this, you have a tool at your disposal to observe just what the installer is doing and possibly where it might be hanging on the install process. Personally, I just had to use this process to help resolve an installer issue with IDM 12.6sp6 installing to a WebLogic backend where the installer would just hang with no errors. After walking through this process I was able to determine that the installer was hanging after evaluating the JCE version and the installer determined the JCE was not correct, but the UI is not coded to return an error.

stuck installer

To observe the installer process, execute the installer file from the CMD line in windows. You will see a popup for the install anywhere process bar as it loads the installer application. When the installer gets near 100% complete, hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and this will place the Install Anywhere application in debug mode and produce a popup that will show exactly what the installer is doing. I hope this process helps you along the road as you install CA products…