New IHaveKids Feature - Create a mug

Today we launched a new feature in our 'I Have Kids' Facebook app.  Users will now have the ability to order mugs containing their child (or friend's child) profile photo, or a mug containing the photo and the child's current status message. On the My Kids page, you will three ways to create a custom mug.  Next to the child's status message, you will now see a small red mug icon.

Clicking on this will allow you to order a mug containing the child's current status message and profile photo.

In the bottom left corner of the child's profile, there is a link allowing you to order a mug containing just the child's profile photo ("Order a 'Bobby' Mug").    There is also a link allowing you to order a generic mug using any photo you have stored in Facebook album ("create your own mug").

On the Friends Kids page, you will also have the ability to order either of types of mugs mentioned above (profile photo, or profile photo and status message).

We will be experimenting with adding the ability to order other custom products in the future.  As usual, please send us your feedback.


A Milestone Is Reached: 100,000 Users

[Photo by h.koppdelaney]

A couple of days ago we reached an important milestone for our 'I Have Kids' Facebook application.  There are now 100,000 people using our application!  We'd like to thank all our users for helping us reach this goal.

In a previous blog post we described our contest where the person who invited the 100,000th 'I Have Kids' user would get a $250 AMEX card as a prize.  Well, we have a winner!  Cassi Navarro from Arizona (USA) invited our 100,000th user.  Congrats Cassi!  As promised, CoreBlox will also be donating a matching $250 to the CoreBlox Penny Campaign charity of Cassi's choice.



'I Have Kids' Changes


Last Friday we released a new version of our 'I Have Kids' Facebook application.  This release included the following changes:


  • New Feature:  Narrow Profile Box Support
    • Users now have the option of moving their 'I Have Kids' information from the Boxes tab on their (parent) profile to Facebook's narrow profile box (in left hand column)


  • New Feature: Wall Feed Story
    • After a user comments on a child's wall, a newsfeed story will be posted to that user's profile


  • Enhancement:  We now default the Parent1 field to the currently logged in Facebook user.  This will prevent user's from accidently creating a child profile that they do not get access to.


  • Fixed: Some users were seeing errors at the bottom of their FriendsKids page.  This has been resolved.
  • Fixed: Emoticon feed story text
    • We have improved the text and grammar of some of the emoticon news feed stories that are generated when a parent update's their child's emoticon
  • Fixed:  After creating a new child profile, users will no longer see a feed story on their Facebook profile saying that today is the child's birthday (unless it actually is).



Invite our 100,000th user and win $250!

Our 'I Have Kids' Facebook application is fast approaching a major milestone: 100,000 users!  As a token of appreciation to those who have helped spread the word, we are going to give a $250 AMEX gift card to the person who invites the 100,000th user (the person you invite must add the application).  Furthermore, we're going to donate an additional $250 to the Penny Campaign charity of that person's choice.  Don't miss the chance to win some extra holiday shopping cash and help a worthy charity in the process.  Invite your friends to try I Have Kids today!


New 'I Have Kids' Feature: Walls

Today we launched a new feature on our 'I Have Kids' Facebook app that has been on our to-do list and that users have requested over time.  Most Facebook users are already familiar with the Wall concept.  The recent redesign of Facebook did away with this classic Wall feature, but we decided to include it in our app.  The Facebook Wiki defined a Wall as "a space on each user's profile page that allows friends to post messages for the user to see while displaying the time and date the message was written".

The goal is to allow users to interact more within the app.  We feel that including a Wall on each child's profile is one of the best ways to achieve that.

Contact us with any feedback.  Happy Commenting!



Become a Fan!

Since some people may not be fully aware of our presence on Facebook, I figured I'd list all the ways you can interact with us on the social network that adds 1 million new users every 4 days.


  • Become a fan of CoreBlox (the company): this is a great way to keep up with what we're up to at CoreBlox and show your support

CoreBlox, Inc. Fan Page




  • Become a fan of our 'I Have Kids' Facebook application:  this is where you can get info on what changes we have been making to the app, see a list of which of your friends use the app, and ask us and the rest of the 'I Have Kids' user community questions about the app or provide general feedback
      'I Have Kids' Fan Page