CA Advanced Authentication provides a secure, accessible and cost-effective way to protect mobile and web applications. The solution is able to collect and assess data based upon a variety of factors including device identification, geolocation and user behavior. CA Advanced Authentication can also leverage software-based two-factor authentication credentials to make logins more secure. 

CA Advanced Authentication is a packaged solution that consists of the following industry leading products:

  • CA Risk Authentication performs intelligent, context-aware analysis to help ensure that the user is who they claim to be.
  • CA Strong Authentication enables multi factor authentication for web and mobile applications with a wide variety of options for credentials and methods.

CA Advanced Authentication is now capable of protecting mainframe access as well! Two-factor authentication can be enabled for the z/OS platform, with smart card support (PIV and CAC) integrated into the CA PAM (Privileged Access Manager) virtual appliance.  

Key Benefits and Outcomes of a CA Advanced Authentication implementation include:

  • A seamless user experience through transparent risk analysis and two-factor authentication credentialing.
  • Reduced exposure to data breaches, malicious access and identity theft.
  • Lower cost of operations by reducing online fraud.
  • Ensures compliance with government regulations and industry guidelines.

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