CA Single Sign-On (formerly CA Siteminder®) is a highly scalable, enterprise class security management solution that provides best practice Identity and Access Management components for Web single sign-on, authentication, authorization, auditing and administration. CA Single Sign-On has been a leader in enterprise class web access management for more than a decade and is deployed in thousands of enterprises around the world. CA Single Sign-On was created by Netegrity which was acquired by CA Technologies in 2005.

CA Single Sign-On deployments consist of web agents running on each web server that hosts a protected application. These CA Single Sign-On web agents communicate with a centralized policy server that contains information about all access policies and protected realms.

CA Access Gateway (formerly CA SiteMinder® Secure Proxy Server) deployments provide centralized access management by controlling traffic that enters the Enterprise DeMilitarized Zone (DMZ). By providing a single point of entry to the corporate network, CA Access Gateway reduces operating costs and simplifies administration.

Platforms and Directories

Typical CA Single Sign-On user stores include LDAP directories and relational databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Common platforms supported by CA Single Sign-On include:

  • UNIX
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mainframes
  • Application & web servers
  • ERP & CRM
  • LDAP, OpenLDAP
  • Active Directory


CoreBlox is a 2017-2018 CA Technologies Focus Partner, the highest designation awarded by CA. We are well positioned to service all of your CA Single Sign-On needs including:

  • License & maintenance sales
  • Needs assessment and scoping
  • Healthchecks
  • Architecture & design
  • Deployment
  • Post-Production Support


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