The RadiantOne Platform from Radiant Logic solves the challenges of identity integration in heterogeneous environments, enabling you to build a complete, flexible, and secure identity management infrastructure. RadiantOne leverages existing infrastructure investments, providing a non-intrusive solution for security and identity management requirements. Using virtualization, RadiantOne shields applications from the complexity of heterogeneous data silos and makes it easy to publish new custom views to meet ever-changing needs.

The RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server (VDS) leverages existing identity infrastructure and maps all identity data into a common space which can be accessed by any application. VDS is a cost-effective, easy to deploy virtual directory, designed to solve the most common directory integration challenges. A key strength of VDS is that it allows for the abstraction of custom code away from the data sources that comprise the virtual directory, thus minimizing the amount of custom code that must be managed while also ensuring the integrity of the underlying data.

RadiantOne Identity Correlation and Synchronization Server (ICS) enables object synchronization and identity correlation for your identity infrastructure. Object synchronization detects changes in your data sources and propagates them to other sources based on your custom business logic; identity correlation allows for the establishment of relationships between identities across heterogeneous data sources in order to create a global unique identifier.

As a Radiant Logic Sales & Services Partner, CoreBlox is prepared to handle your Radiant Logic needs whether you are new to the technology or a long-time user. Our Sales & Services experts are ready to assist in any of the following areas:

  • License and maintenance sales
  • Needs assessment and scoping
  • Architecture and design
  • Deployments
  • Post-deployment support
  • Upgrades
  • Healthchecks
  • Enhancements to existing deployments (new data sources, new views, etc.)
  • Training


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