The CoreBlox Token Service (CTS) facilitates a secure token exchange for companies that leverage both CA Single Sign-On (formerly known as 'CA SiteMinder') and PingFederate as part of their heterogeneous security environments. With CTS, it’s easy to establish the CA Single Sign-On Policy Server as the master decision maker so that there is no confusion over how inter-application transactions should be handled. CTS is flexible, lightweight, and available for a maintenance-only subscription. No custom coding is required for deployment.

CTS is adept at handling the most common PingFederate & CA Single Sign-On integration use cases:

  1. A user authenticates to CA Single Sign-On. An existing or newly created SMSESSION can be exchanged for access to a PingFederate protected application, with no additional challenge.

  2. A user authenticates to PingFederate and accesses SP Adapter for access to a CA Single Sign-On application. The Ping CTS SP Adapter provides CTS trusted information about the user and generates an SMSESSION based upon this information, enabling the user to seamlessly work across both platforms.

In addition to basic trust and token exchange, there are also specific customizations which allow identifying attributes to be exchanged for additional authorization enforcement or content delivery in both directions.

The CoreBlox Token Service is available to download and use at no cost. Annual Maintenance is available for a fee. Please contact CoreBlox Sales for more information email or call 1-877-TRY-BLOX.