Automate and Secure CA Single Sign-On

ToolBox for CA Single Sign-On makes administering your CA SSO environment fast, repeatable, and secure. ToolBox seamlessly leverages the CA Single Sign-On REST API set and automates your most common administrative tasks. Whether you are upgrading to the latest version, managing policies across environments, or looking to ensure that your infrastructure is secure and compliant, ToolBox delivers an all-in-one solution.


Seamless Policy Management

Migrations are easy with ToolBox for CA Single Sign-On. Are your development environment URL's different from your production URL's? No problem. ToolBox's wizard-driven format makes it easy to apply global policy updates and ensure that human error won't impact your testing. 

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User Management

ToolBox for CA Single Sign-On delivers fully delegated user administration. Eliminating shared administrative logins enhances security and ensures that every change is traceable back to the source. You can easily establish groups and roles to control permissions at a granular level.


Auditing and Compliance

ToolBox for CA Single Sign-On makes it easy to recover from unintentional updates. Its unique Snapshot capability allows you to roll back to a previous point in time configuration with the touch of a button. With ToolBox, every change is audited. Compliance is a snap because all of the relevant data is at your fingertips.

Watch this video to learn more about ToolBox and its features:

Watch this video to experience a complete demonstration of ToolBox:

CA Single Sign-On Upgrades Made Easy!

ToolBox streamlines the process of upgrading to the latest version of CA Single Sign-On by completely automating the policy migration process. It's the only product available with access to REST API's for older (pre-12.7) versions of CA Single Sign-On. With ToolBox, you can:

  • Maintain policies across environments with a side-by-side upgrade approach

  • Analyze and optimize policies prior to migration

  • Create snapshots for easy environment restore

  • COMING SOON: Upgrade objects during a migration

With ToolBox handling the heavy lifting, you'll be on to testing applications in no time! 


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