The CoreBlox Upgrade Methodology provides the most cost-effective and seamless method for planning and executing the upgrade of your existing RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server (VDS) infrastructure.

How it Works

CoreBlox will begin by performing a comprehensive analysis of the people, processes and technologies associated with your Radiant Logic infrastructure with a focus on the following areas:

  • Upgrade Readiness
  • Upgrade Preparation Steps
  • Determining the Correct Upgrade Approach
  • Building an End-to-End Upgrade Execution Plan

As it is critical to understand the current state of your environment’s processes and technology before the upgrade takes place, our team will first assemble:

  • Detailed VDS configuration details summarizing:
    • Existing identity data sources
    • Aggregation, Mapping & Correlation strategies
    • Custom views and joins
    • Data transformations
    • Interception scripts
    • RadiantOne Identity Correlation and Synchronization Server (ICS) if applicable
  • Special considerations for the applications that access VDS data, such as CA SiteMinder or other authentication/authorization technologies
  • Data regarding maintenance windows and uptime requirements
  • Preparation steps that can be performed prior to the upgrade
  • A step-by-step checklist for the upgrade execution
  • Recovery and rollback strategies

Our upgrade methodology and processes are proven and repeatable. We are well-versed in the careful planning and know how to avoid the potential pitfalls inherent to an upgrade that can impact your entire user base. Clients choose CoreBlox for our experience and to ensure a successful outcome.